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My new adventure.

Hello ,

As many of you know I live in Switzerland and sometimes its hard to gather up the funds to go home so I decided to Start my own business with Doterra to help out with that. Please watch the video and message me if you would like a free sample and check out my website:



6 W eeks of visitors.


We visited the Dachau Concentration Camp. It was one of the saddest experiences of my life in the silence you could almost hear the blood of those precious people crying out from the ground.  I some how felt an overwhelming grief as we walked the grounds. God help us to never allow these atrocities again.






We saw and did so much in a short time i will have to make this a series of blogs but if you only want to see my pics then there will be an album on my Facebook page.

Alpine Living…..


For those of you who have been asking for this here it is :

I have decided to start blogging my adventures. You can always see my pics on Facebook but if you want the stories behind the pics you will need to follow here.

20170610_161054 (1)  20170610_160337

These are wild Alpine flowers.The blue ones are Government protected and you will get a pretty hefty fine if you tamper with these.



This castle is about 10 minutes from my house and you can take a tour of it almost all year long .I have not yet been inside but i plan to in the next few weeks.

This is how the farmers in the Alps cut the grass on the steep alps .

20170610_124424 (1)

This is a very steep and winding pass but one of our favorites to see with visiting guests.IMG_8752IMG_8827IMG_8600

20170610_121603 (1)

As we drove through the pass  we saw this group of folks parading their goats through the pass. You can even rent animals to hike with up there lol. The other pics were also taken on this pass. This pass will make your knuckles white to drive on it . You can also take a steam engine train over this pass if you wanted to make a day trip of it.


There is a church in every village in Switzerland , there are approximately 2300 villages in the country. We have seen many of them and knocking them off one by one. Every time we venture out we try to go somewhere new or try a new route. We hardly ever see the same thing twice.

20170610_143723 (1)

This mountain is called Eggishorn.It takes 2 cable cars to get to it. Many people are up there to ski and hike. It has 2 restaurants to choose from and huge peaks you can climb on as well. We actually had phone and internet service up there. A big plus is that on a clear day you can see all the way to the Matterhorn.


20170610_154950 (1)20170610_15480820170610_15435820170610_154248 (1)

I hope you have enjoyed one of my June2017 excursions …. More exciting things to come.



Summer Travel Tips When Flying

  • 2 days before travel don’t eat salt.
  • Take a pr of black socks to walk around in.
  • Drink extra water.
  • Take a flight survival kit- your favorite of the following- hand sanitizer ,handcream,lip balm, gum ,snack, hair tie,old wash cloth facial cleanser and cream travel tooth brush and tooth paste.
  • sleepwear and one outfit in carry on
  • zip lock or pouch for all electronic cords and earbuds.
  • splurge on an id case and luggage tags.
  • travel blanket on int flights.
  • comfy sweater.

You are Worth it.

I just want to encourage you today that material things are not the most imTportant things in the world,but have you ever just wanted a luxury item that you think i just out of your budget?

You are worth it. Try saving $5.00a week or $10.00 a month toward that one thing that you would really like to have.

You only live once and life is short so go ahead and do it.

One of my heroes


WE may be separated by The Atlantic Ocean but I am thinking about her and praying for her everyday. As she lies in her hospital bed I hope she can feel my prayers, and I hope she knows how much I love and admire her. As i think of my friendship with her through out my life. She has seen me through many hard times and we have laughed our way through them all. She has spent many nights praying for me and i just want her to know that its finally my turn to pray for her and I’m stepping up to the plate. I know her faith is strong and she will pull through all this and will have a great testimony that will teach all of us  some greater things,She knows how to find the diamonds in the rough.  Many times people pay tribute to folks when they leave this life but i believe in honoring them while they can still enjoy it. So i want to just Thank her for a few things —-

All the andys

All the all night question and answer sessions.

All the church services some when i was he only person there (i knew i had been preached to lol)

For the summer i spent with you when i was 16 i think?

For helping me when i was pregnant and being the first to hold my baby.

For all the cokes and the pep talks that went with it

For praying for me even when i asked you to quit itlol

For hinds feet on high places and you gotta have the want to (it changed my life)

well i think you get the idea I hope some body is reading this to you Linda Heard.I often heard you say no one could fill lee lees shoes but i think her shoes fit you

Love you much




Expensive Cosmetics idea

I have an expensive cosmetic compact and I was not able to get a refill where I live.I hated to just throw it away. I already had a pretty mirror compact in my purse so here’s my idea : I use cotton rounds to remove my make up so i clean out my old powder compact and filled it with my cotton rounds to remove my make up instead of packing them in zip locks  I love it one more great way to keep things pretty.


Sometimes people are just too busy. I learned a long time ago that life is just too short not to enjoy it. The holidays are the busiest time for most people. I decided i would have a cup of coffee ,I was just sitting here thinking of how much i really enjoy it. Wishing I could share one with a friend or two from home. So i thought i would take a minute to let all my friends know that you are on my mind today and i am very thankful for all of you. but i want to give a big shout out to a few of my best friends (I love you all) Debbie Rester for all you do and what you mean to me personally. Cindy Duvall for being a shining example of how things should and can be! To Mikki Andrews you are the best i appreciate you so much.Jean Heckinger in heaven i miss you like crazy. Nancy and Neva who are always there when i visit home .My newest Bestie  Breanna C Lopez you are so sweet and a loyal friend I love you all so much. please know that i am thankful for all of my family and friends Merry Christmas yall.


Holiday stress ? no#2

How many times have you heard “what’s for dinner?”

I have learned a few simple tips along the way with my meal planning and I had to share.

  1. Find out what your family likes to eat.
  2. Keep it simple. Print out the recipes and add them to your planner
  3. Have a theme night. One night a week make it a fun night for tacos, pasta, burgers or pizza.  This breaks up the week and it’s a dinner everyone can look forward to.
  4. Keep track of meals. Having my meals written down tends to keep me on track.
  5. Plan and shop on the same day each week. Make a habit of a certain day to be your meal planning day.  Create a shopping list to save time and money on the items you buy.  If you know what you already have in your pantry for planning meals, it helps with the budget and prevents duplicating items that will take up extra space in your pantry.
  6. Look at the sales ads.
  7. Prep the food for your meals when you get home from shopping. If you take the extra time to prep your veggies and other items, it will help save time when it comes to creating the actual meal.
  8. Plan for leftovers. If you know your lasagna serves 10 people and only 4 of you are eating it, plan for the leftovers for the next day.  It’s like having fast food from home.
  9. Make it fun.   Not to mention I have a desire to fill that box up so I know I will stay committed to planning out my meals.

10.Buy an extra freezer and stock upon sales.

Christmas Stress??I say No!











I am beginning to hear some Christmas Stress Chatter so,
I thought about a change we made starting last yr i thought i would share it with you maybe it will help?One thing is we stopped buying for extended family,
 not even family gifts.
 We only buy for our parents and our own children.
 If we are invited to a part where there is a gift exchange i do cookie jars with homemade mix.
  In our own family we ask for this wish list:
 something you want, something you need
 something to wear
 something to read
  We each get 4 small gifts we really enjoyed the family dinners when the focus shifted to what christmas is all about instead of focusing on the gifts.
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