Medical Supply Crafting-all my stampin friends will want to read this one.

by swisslady45


Last week I went to see the hand surgeon,he sent me to occupational therapy to get another new splint- i guess I’m special and need to try them all at least once right? So i walk in there and they have a n awesome craft room i was amazed they had it all a ribbon storage for their rolls of Velcro in every color. They had a sewing station,a peg board with tools hanging  even a heat gun and glue tape  they even had glitter pens to mark where you cut and a whole box of assorted cast liner fabrics.Heck i could have made my own splint ??? i think????

honestly friends what would you have thought or done?

i ask for some of their scraps i wanted to make them some decorations for their desks i thought that splint material would be great cut outs with the big shot with some stamped images and stickles right??

They said No

oh well their loss


Brenda M i know you are rolling your eyes but i had to share.