applying inks

by swisslady45

Applying Ink to Stamps

Inking your stamp is easy. Place the stamp on a flat surface with the image side up. Open the ink pad you wish to use and dab the ink directly on the surface of the image.

After applying the ink directly to the image side of the stamp, check the it to be sure all areas are covered with ink. Dab additional ink on any uninked areas.

Stamps that are larger than your ink pad can be inked by dabbing the ink on top of the stamp, while stamps that are smaller than your ink pad can be inked by tapping gently several times on the ink pad itself. Do not rub the stamp across the ink pad.

Ink parts of the image with different colors. Smaller ink pads are an easy way to add more than one color of ink to an image. Add ink only to the image itself.

Avoid getting ink on the area around the image or on the woodblock. Additional ink around the edges of the stamp can be removed with a cotton swab or dry a paper towel before stamping on paper.