Moments that murder your faith.

by swisslady45

I heard a lady on you tube  speaking at a conference that so impacted me I wanted to share a few things:

The lady begin to speak of the holocaust which is something that I read about quite often so it grabbed my attention.  she began to speak about a book she had read called Night .it was a story about a man who was a holocaust survivor telling about his experiences in the concentration camps, how he watched his whole family being tortured and murdered by the Nazis. This man was not an atheist or someone who knew nothing of God. The lady speaking then began to quote these words from the book: “I will never for get seeing the smoke,I will never forget the cries,I will never forget those moments that murdered my God” This was a man who knew God and the supernatural power of God through stories passed down from generation to generation about how there is one true God who will personally deliver and personally show up in times of trouble.He heard stories of Moses and the children of Israel and how God parted the red sea and drown their enemies. how fire fell from heaven to prove the greatness of God! He was not just someone who witnessed a small portion of God on a boring Sunday morning church service at a dead church. His whole life was consumed by learning of the supernatural demonstration of God and his mighty power. This man knew how to respond to an active God, now he was staring death and torture in the face Where is God he seems so silent! what about now?He was not trained how to respond when God seems to be silent?

Then I thought about my own life? Could a continuous storm or battle murder my faith in God? Could a storm be so long and painful that what seems to be a lack of God’s intervention destroy my faith? Not that i would ever deny my belief in God or who he is but more like your confidence in your relationship with him? Would I still pray the same and continue acting the same and carry on a christian facade knowing im very disappointed on the inside? doing this will cause a part of your heart to get damaged by disappointments from unanswered prayers.Then something inside of you dies. Of course in most Pentecostal circles we are not supposed to go there or even talk about these things.We are supposed to always speak words of faith so many times we just sweep it under the rug and keep moving on because we are taught not to express disappointment to God or each other. We need to expose this weapon of the enemy that he is skilfully using against us during our seasons of silence. If you are honest you will admit that you have gone through these seasons as well.but because you love God you have not walked away from him because of unanswered prayer. if you will allow him to go to those locked places of brokenness that you do not even dare discuss with anyone,you will be healed and restored and out of that healing will flow supernatural strength to focus once again.

Nothing has more damaging power than seasons of silence. God is seeking something in us that is more powerful than a miracle! He is seeking men and women who will not be offended in him during silence and unanswered prayers. The moments of silence that have the intentions of murdering our faith. When you ask for something according to his word and his will and it is not answered this is very disappointing.If you harbor this in your heart because you have been taught not to express it. it breeds insecurity into your relationship with God so he will take you around the mountain again so he can set you free by you releasing those emotions to him. Restoration many times comes through verbal release.

The love relationship that you and God have creates an anchor that will keep you through any storm that life brings.