A new beginning!

by swisslady45

Hello Everyone ,

I’m sure most of you know I have just returned from a visit to the states. I went to see my family and I saw one of my sisters that i had not seen in a very long time and that was very nice.

I met some nieces and nephews for the first time  and I went to 2 of their birthday parties. I also enjoyed seeing the older ones too especially spending time with Olivia and Abrianne. As usual I did shopping and had lunch with friends.  I saw my 2 favs Nancy and Neva they are always a hoot and always lots of fun but that day was all too short -if you guys are reading this please come see me! Uncle Ron it was so nice to see you and Aunt Gloria  I love you guys like family! One of the highlights of the trip was the Lunch date I had with all my Seymour school teachers too many there to name but what a treat.

One of my crafty friends came all the way from Texas to spend a day with me I was very honored. Thx Mary Sue!

A big shout out also to Pastors Joe and Becky Campbell at Lakeside for having me out at the family at Camp  Bell what a great service it was. hope to do it again next yr.

For all of those I did not get to see this time we will try again next summer.

So now that I am back home in Switzerland School has started once again .David Thomas has started middle School and David is teaching as well. David A will celebrate his college graduation on Sept 9 woo hoo!

I am get ready to craft craft gearing up for the annual Swiss Christmas Market stay tuned to my Facebook pages if you want to see what I am making this year.

As always lots of Love,


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