by swisslady45

imagesplease consider answering the following questions post these with your answers in the comment section below and have fun.

  1. what is the most expensive craft tool you have that you use on a regular basis? My big Shot
  2. What is the least expensive craft tool that you have that you use on a regular basis? pokey tool
  3. what is the oldest craft that you made that you still have and how old is it? I do not really have one because i normally make things to give away.
  4. what crafty tool did you buy that was a total waste of money?  Zutterbow it all.
  5. what crafty tool do you have that was a great bargain?magnetic ruler
  6. what is your best storage item?my marker holders
  7. what was your worst storage idea? die cuts in envelopes
  8. what was your best original craft idea? none lol
  9. What item do you stock up on everytime you go to a craft store? adhesive
  10. what is your favorite craft store? Amazon
  11. What is your favorite non craft store that you buy craft supplies ? Tuesday Morning
  12. what craft tool is on your wish list? fuse tool
  13. what craft do you wish you could do but you cant ? paint
  14. how often do you reorganize your craft space and when was the last time you did it?twice a yr?March