Holiday stress ? no#2

by swisslady45

How many times have you heard “what’s for dinner?”

I have learned a few simple tips along the way with my meal planning and I had to share.

  1. Find out what your family likes to eat.
  2. Keep it simple. Print out the recipes and add them to your planner
  3. Have a theme night. One night a week make it a fun night for tacos, pasta, burgers or pizza.  This breaks up the week and it’s a dinner everyone can look forward to.
  4. Keep track of meals. Having my meals written down tends to keep me on track.
  5. Plan and shop on the same day each week. Make a habit of a certain day to be your meal planning day.  Create a shopping list to save time and money on the items you buy.  If you know what you already have in your pantry for planning meals, it helps with the budget and prevents duplicating items that will take up extra space in your pantry.
  6. Look at the sales ads.
  7. Prep the food for your meals when you get home from shopping. If you take the extra time to prep your veggies and other items, it will help save time when it comes to creating the actual meal.
  8. Plan for leftovers. If you know your lasagna serves 10 people and only 4 of you are eating it, plan for the leftovers for the next day.  It’s like having fast food from home.
  9. Make it fun.   Not to mention I have a desire to fill that box up so I know I will stay committed to planning out my meals.

10.Buy an extra freezer and stock upon sales.