One of my heroes

by swisslady45


WE may be separated by The Atlantic Ocean but I am thinking about her and praying for her everyday. As she lies in her hospital bed I hope she can feel my prayers, and I hope she knows how much I love and admire her. As i think of my friendship with her through out my life. She has seen me through many hard times and we have laughed our way through them all. She has spent many nights praying for me and i just want her to know that its finally my turn to pray for her and I’m stepping up to the plate. I know her faith is strong and she will pull through all this and will have a great testimony that will teach all of us  some greater things,She knows how to find the diamonds in the rough.  Many times people pay tribute to folks when they leave this life but i believe in honoring them while they can still enjoy it. So i want to just Thank her for a few things —-

All the andys

All the all night question and answer sessions.

All the church services some when i was he only person there (i knew i had been preached to lol)

For the summer i spent with you when i was 16 i think?

For helping me when i was pregnant and being the first to hold my baby.

For all the cokes and the pep talks that went with it

For praying for me even when i asked you to quit itlol

For hinds feet on high places and you gotta have the want to (it changed my life)

well i think you get the idea I hope some body is reading this to you Linda Heard.I often heard you say no one could fill lee lees shoes but i think her shoes fit you

Love you much