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Month: July, 2017

6 W eeks of visitors.


We visited the Dachau Concentration Camp. It was one of the saddest experiences of my life in the silence you could almost hear the blood of those precious people crying out from the ground.  I some how felt an overwhelming grief as we walked the grounds. God help us to never allow these atrocities again.






We saw and did so much in a short time i will have to make this a series of blogs but if you only want to see my pics then there will be an album on my Facebook page.


Alpine Living…..


For those of you who have been asking for this here it is :

I have decided to start blogging my adventures. You can always see my pics on Facebook but if you want the stories behind the pics you will need to follow here.

20170610_161054 (1)  20170610_160337

These are wild Alpine flowers.The blue ones are Government protected and you will get a pretty hefty fine if you tamper with these.



This castle is about 10 minutes from my house and you can take a tour of it almost all year long .I have not yet been inside but i plan to in the next few weeks.

This is how the farmers in the Alps cut the grass on the steep alps .

20170610_124424 (1)

This is a very steep and winding pass but one of our favorites to see with visiting guests.IMG_8752IMG_8827IMG_8600

20170610_121603 (1)

As we drove through the pass  we saw this group of folks parading their goats through the pass. You can even rent animals to hike with up there lol. The other pics were also taken on this pass. This pass will make your knuckles white to drive on it . You can also take a steam engine train over this pass if you wanted to make a day trip of it.


There is a church in every village in Switzerland , there are approximately 2300 villages in the country. We have seen many of them and knocking them off one by one. Every time we venture out we try to go somewhere new or try a new route. We hardly ever see the same thing twice.

20170610_143723 (1)

This mountain is called Eggishorn.It takes 2 cable cars to get to it. Many people are up there to ski and hike. It has 2 restaurants to choose from and huge peaks you can climb on as well. We actually had phone and internet service up there. A big plus is that on a clear day you can see all the way to the Matterhorn.


20170610_154950 (1)20170610_15480820170610_15435820170610_154248 (1)

I hope you have enjoyed one of my June2017 excursions …. More exciting things to come.



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