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Global stamping Friends Give away

imagesKathleen one of the admins is sponsoring a giveaway so if you would like to be the lucky winner of a mini misti come check it out .

Tuesday Tip and request

Hello Global Stampers,

if you use double sides tape on rolls such as the Elizabeth craft tape here’s a couple tips.

1 Save the backing when you pull it off.

2 you can save the pieces you need to trim off on the backing instead of throwing it away.

My Request:

If you have left overs of St.patty’s day or Easter would you consider making an ornament for our 2016 Christmas tree, be sure to sign your name on it too. thx  Please let me know if you will be sending one?

Lets Talk Glue

Gsf Announcements

A New Tool

A little tool

I got this from the craftsy website and i thought it would be helpful enjoy.


Some Crafty Goodness

Today’s Crafty thoughts

Hello My Crafty Friends,

I had a few thoughts to share with you today and I have decided to give them to you in the form of a list so here we go….

  • Get crafty apps on all your devices.
  • Before you go shopping shop in your house.
  • Take inventory of your craft space every 3 months.
  • When you go to the grocery store consider those packages that provide storage like plastic boxes ,trays etc….
  • Stock up on basics when they are on sale.
  • Do not buy double unless they are basic supplies that you often use.
  • Research items that are 25.00+.
  • Do not settle for an item because of price if you don’t have the funds save up for what you really want.
  • create wish lists for online shops, family and friends that may want to purchase gifts for you,and one for your self and keep them updated.
  • get coupon apps on your phone.
  • Print photos in black and whites this will allow you to use any scrapbook paper you have.
  • Journal on post it notes then adhere to the backs of your photos so when you scrap you will not forget the details.
  • If you are sending a card to someone and you want them to reuse it write our greeting on a post it adhere on the inside leaving the actual card not written on.
  • When ripping scrap paper with a white core-if you want the white to show pull it towards yourself if you pull away the white will not show.
  • Apply chap stick to your glue bottles so the lids will always come off the next time you use it.
  • Place a strip of double sided tape on the end of your ribbon rolls after you cut it.

Talk To Tina Thursday

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